3 reasons business leaders are not data-driven

Woman looking at a laptop

Data is becoming increasingly important for businesses to become and stay successful. But are business leaders as data-driven as we think? Here are our top 3 reasons why they may struggle to be data-driven:


  1. Business leaders are too busy to be data-driven


Every business leader says the same thing to us, ‘It’s time-consuming, inefficient, and distracting.’ Because all their data sources are disconnected…and they have islands of data which make it tricky to get a consolidated view. 


  1. They don’t trust the data they have


Somehow they need to wrangle that data together into one place to try and make sense of it. Most do their best with spreadsheets, but it can often end up at the bottom of the list for another day because different sources offer different answers.


  1. They don’t know how to use data to make decisions


So they default to gut instinct to make decisions due to their fear of making them based on data. Before you know it, another month has passed not using insights to be proactive and help your business to flourish. 


All of these reasons create a massive problem, because if business leaders don’t know their numbers, how can they ever be taken seriously? How can they lead the business? How can they get investment?


All of these obstacles created an opportunity for us here at BoomBoard. We’ve created a way to automatically bring data together into one place. Within minutes, so you can check on your business performance just like you’d check on the weather. 


Check out boomboard.io to book an onboarding call…what are you waiting for? Become data-driven today.


If you have any further questions for us, please feel free to email hello@boomboard.io.

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