What are the best metrics to track for growth?

Team meeting around a table with laptops open

Getting access to data-driven insights will make you stop and think and be able to answer questions like – is my business on the right track? Where do I need to focus next? What have I missed?  Knowing your numbers is essential if you want to grow your business, it’s as simple as that.


Now that you know what questions to ask 8 smart questions for your data, along with the where to find the data 7 data sources to boost your business, it’s time to fuel your thinking with what specific metrics you can use to get the insights you need. Here goes:


They could be financial…

  • Monthly recurring revenue
  • Profit
  • Cost
  • Revenue vs target


They could be customer-orientated…

  • Registrations
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Willingness to recommend or Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Survey responses


They could be digital…

  • Website visitors
  • Email response rates
  • Social media reach
  • Video views


Or they could be combined metrics…

  • Cost per acquisition
  • Lifetime customer value
  • Cost/revenue/profit per customer
  • Cost/revenue/profit per employee


Are there other metrics that are important to you? Your next step from here is to use them to stay in control of your business and leverage the power of data to fuel your business success. If you have any questions for us, please feel free to email hello@boomboard.io

For our next blog, we’ll explore if all business leaders are as data-driven as we think. If you never want to miss a beat in your business – access your performance headlines with your own consolidated dashboard – sign up for FREE at boomboard.io.

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